what lurks in my closet

Hope everyone's holidays were superb this year!
Dustin & Doug getting creative in cooling the wort
My three weeks off school gave me additional time...which I filled up with work :(

Regardless, there was a time of rest and spiritual renewal as we traveled to Atlanta (5th time in a year!) for the Passion Conference (for more info, click here ).  

When we returned home on Saturday, I wanted to break into my Christmas gift from the hubby this year before work and school began again Monday.  So we did just that.  We made some beer!  I got an awesome (kinda confusing) kit from Dustin this year and realized it was going to take a hot minute to brew.  In reality, it took something like 6 hours from start to finish and we had to use a little creativity (and our friend Doug) for the cooling process.  We were lucky it had snowed enough to fill our bathtub!  

Now we must wait... but the closet in which the 5 gallons of goodness lurks smells scrumptious!!  Can't wait to bottle it :)
More to come....

**UPDATE** we bottled this brew on Thursday (1/17) so it should be ready to drink by Superbowl! yay!!

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