MANAGING DEBT *free printable

I am a very organized person... most of the time.

But when it comes to organizing my bills, they tend to get pushed aside, shoved under something, or lost in the shuffle.  I have found it easier in the past to put them in a calendar, so I can mark what days payments are coming up.  But it never fails that I forget to buy a new calendar in January, thus leaving me without a good system.  But, aha!, I figure why not just create my own (easier to use) template that I can share with others? Therefore, I am proud to introduce Jamie's fool-proof bill system! 

One file is specifically for bills- just mark the bill that needs paid, the amount, check #, and date and voila - paid!  

The other file is to keep track of all those pesky debts we owe from school loans to mortgage payments to that credit card you just forget about sometimes.  Simply mark down what you owe and keep a running tab of how much remaining balance you have left at the end of the month!  
I printed mine out double sided so I would have my debts and bills in front of me at the same time, but you just do what you gotta do.  Hope it helps!  Let me know if you have a system you use to organize and pay your debts :)

Click below for links to the pdf versions:

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  1. Things would be easier if you have something to get you moving. And printables might be a convenient way to start it. I observed that organization plays a big part in financial management. Notice who among your peers are more financially stable. They're usually the meticulous ones; for me, at least.