Who I Am

I have always wanted to create my own magazine. 

When I was young, I would make a newsletter entitled "Purple Girl's Pen" and charge my family 25 cent subscriptions for a monthly publication complete with my ramblings, world news, and a crossword puzzle I worked hard at creating.  Every now and then I'd throw in some trivia and spice it up. 

jamie & dustin in port st. joe, florida 2012
Now that I'm older, I realize it is a difficult thing to get into publishing.  Especially to create your own when there are so many options available online for your reading pleasure.  Therefore, I thought why not create a blog where I can share my thoughts on God's creation - including food I'm baking, projects I'm working on, and things growing (or forgetting to grow) in my garden - and NOT charge my friends and family 25 cents? 

Thus the creation of Rendering Good.  It's simple, really.  Creating Goods and Doing Good. 

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