Garden Glory

After months of anticipation, and a very dry summer here in Ohio, my zucchini is growing in a cute twisted fashion. Can't wait to eat this little guy in some bread...or casserole...or...

*UPDATE - I have been making quite a few amazing concoctions out of my plethora of zucchini.

Zucchini Cupcakes
Cheesy Zucchini Rice, Turkey & Peppers

Small Yard = Small Garden

But it is just big enough for the two of us!  Green beans, zucchini, cucumbers, peppers, and even one little watermelon all within this small section of our yard.  Thank you Lord!

I am most definitely not a strawberry genius, but I was extremely excited that after 2 years, I finally got a handful of strawberries to grow!  This year, I decided planting them in a planter box on the side of my garage would be the best bet in gaining sunlight, and keeping off the ground from critters.  It worked - sort of.  Here is what turned out to be my best strawberry of the year (it turned red and I ate it!).

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