Rendering Fat

I have recently been in a circle of friends who have all hosted Arbonne parties, most of which I have attended (I mean, who doesn't love a free facial?).  If you don't know anything about the Arbonne products, I was skeptical at first too.  I'm not one to go to 31 parties, or Pampered Chef parties, or anything where I feel suckered into buying something.  Especially makeup.  Well, this company is growing on me and I feel like my skin can actually breathe with their products on my face.  Did you know it only takes a half minute for something on your skin to soak into your bloodstream?  So when I think about the number one ingredient in most skincare products (oil), it makes me a little nervous to clog myself up like that day in and day out.  We women tend to put at least 500 chemicals on our faces EVERY DAY.  Yikes!  Well, while our Arbonne consultant was giving us the information of their fabulous products in her presentation, and I caught something I had not before: the mention of a rendering plant.

Now, I just started this blog not too long ago and figured with a name like "Rendering Good," it could only mean a happy creation of something.  Making something good.  Doing something good.  I had no idea what a Rendering Plant was...until now.  These "plants" basically take the roadkill or dead animals found, boil them up, scrape off the fat at the top and put it into our products which we slather onto our faces and skin.  (Remember how I said it only takes a matter of seconds for that to get into our bloodstream?  Yuck!)  I had to research it for myself to ensure she wasn't making it up for a good selling point.   It's true.  In fact, when you google "rendering" that's the first thing that pops up.  If you would like more information on it, click here to see what other products this is used in. 

So from now on, I believe I will be purchasing more Arbonne products (or at least watching what is in my makeup/face cleaner/etc) to ensure I don't clog myself up with fatty oils!

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