Dreaming of Creativity

I started to fall asleep after work the other day for a quick nap and came up with an amazing song (in my sleepy head at least).  I sang it, tapped out the beat with my foot hanging off the bed, and thought to myself "I should have my hubby record it before I forget the beat."  Then I drifted off to dreamland never to recall it again.

The night previous to that, I remember laying in bed, thinking up an amazing idea for a character in a fairy tale I'm attempting to write.  This was the one I was searching for!  It was perfect.  Unfortunately, all I can remember about my exciting breakthrough was the fact it was one.  Nothing more.  Not even something about the character (animal? human?). 

Frustrating beyond belief.

It seems I only have my best creative ideas as I fall asleep each night.
Or they come to me in my dreams.
I wake up, scrambling to remember what these ideas are, whether that be a storyline, a song, or lyrics, but alas they are gone forever!

I'm apparently much more actively thinking while sleeping than while awake.  Maybe I ought to sleep more!

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