Porch Fun pt. 1

*note "sixt" (bottom right) is not a word. Chloe lost this round.
Sitting on our porch at night, listening to the cars jet past and the neighbors fight is always a good time.  But you know what makes these times better? 
And wine. 

One of the best games I've been turned onto this past year is bananagrams.  I realize I'm slightly behind the times...It's so much more fun than scrabble.  Throughout the summer months, we take out a bottle of wine & play with friends til it's so late even my crazy neighbors have gone to sleep. 

If you haven't played, I suggest you do so soon.  Plus you get to carry it around in a nifty little banana bag. And who wouldn't want one of those?


  1. I actually haven't tried it either. It looks like fun. I love apples to apples. Have you tried that?

  2. Yep, I love apples to apples! Cracks me up :)
    If you're into word games, you should definitely try bananagrams!