salty & buttery

I'm a self-proclaimed baker. 

I absolutely love baking and finding new - usually fattening - recipes.  But it seems in this day and age, everyone wants to be thinner and therefore does not cook with butter.  Or cream.  Or anything that could hurt their figure.  Well, I have always enjoyed Julia Child's outlook on life and butter, and recently came across this quote which sums up my experiences of cooking in general.  Too often we follow recipes to the T and miss out on the really good stuff.  Some of the best experiences I've had in the kitchen are just throwing random ingredients together and making a new tasty creation. 

Life is like that sometimes, don't you think?  Not to get all philosophical on you or anything, but it seems we try to live life how we should - we go to school, get married, buy a house, have kids.... but maybe we are missing that spice in our lives by following these cultural recipes for our lives.  I believe God has called us to be the "salt" of the earth, so maybe we ought to throw a little spice in our lives for others :)  Live a little more for Him and don't feel bad if you are using real butter when everyone else is using margarine. 

Sometimes a new creation is worth trying. 

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