A sophisticated sport

the cousins playing croquet. very UNsophisticated.

I remember visiting the Grand Hotel on Jekyll Island, GA growing up and seeing a professional croquet court that costs money to play.  There are pictures adorning the hotel walls of high-class patrons with a mixed drink in one hand and their mallet in the other.  Where did this sophisticated sport go wrong?

A simple game, yet intense at points, croquet is a game my family has enjoyed lplaying at my grandparents' house for years.  My aunt (who mows their yard) actually trims a croquet court at a shorter setting than the rest of the yard just for our game.  We like to think of ourselves as professionals.  Each August the whole family gathers together to celebrate summer birthdays and all us cousins bust out the old set.  This year, my brother and cousin decided to pit boys vs. girls and became poison much quicker, killing us all before we even had a chance to round the corner.  Regardless of the outcome, croquet is classic game in which all ages can enjoy.  (Just make sure you wear good shoes so you can hit an opponent out of the playing area!)

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