Biking at the Lake

can't even recognize this beautiful body of water, can you? 
Oh, Lake Erie, you do not cease to amaze me.

A couple weekends ago, my parents took Dustin & I on a 24-hour trip to Maumee Bay State Park in the Toledo area for some bike riding.  I must say, I was impressed by the amazing trails & gorgeous views while peddaling along Lake Erie.  For a while, I forgot I was still in Ohio!  Surrounded by the chirping of crickets, we rode through a beautiful path that winds alongside the lake and throughout a resort (which of course we did not stay in...but wouldn't mind one day!).  Biking is one of those things I forget about quite frankly.  I am easily bored with trails around our house, and when I take a trip, I don't want to be sweating and working out!  But I've realized how much fun it can be (especially when you stop for ice cream at the end of the ride) and what good it does for your body and mind.  We were both going through some things emotionally before this excursion that we rode right out of our minds!  Needless to say, we shall be biking much more in the remainder of the summer....and hopefully even checking out more paths!  Gracias, Madre & Padre!

yep, we're feeling good

For a map of the State Park (which has amazing amenities and cabins to rent as well as gorgeous resort), click here

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